TFW when your usually-excellent Spotify Discover Weekly playlist is just awful and you wonder what terrible music you listened to last week.

Must have felt this way when Roberto Clemente passed. Thanks for all the joy and fun Jose Fernandez.

Seems crazy that Spotify doesn’t offer an option to auto-save each week’s (great!) Discover Weekly playlist in your account. For now, IFTTT

A thunderstorm on July 5th just feels profoundly unfair to dogs.

I’ve been listening to The Police on Spotify all morning and I am here to state the obvious: The Police were so good.

But if I only listen to the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist all week, how will it know what to put on next week’s playlist…

Pride felt voting early today was tempered by listening to the guy behind me mansplain to his wife how she should vote.

Podcasters podcasting about podcasts is the new bloggers blogging about blogs.

[clicks on drone video]

“Hey maybe this one will have some decent musi..”

[mutes drone video]

Is fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt just cheaper to produce, or is there a supposed taste benefit?

I don’t understand why anyone would want to listen to podcasts on Pandora or Spotify over the plethora of podcast-focused options out there.

Going to add “waiting for iTunes Connect to process builds” to my job description.

“We’ll be back soon.” - Apple’s dev portal message and the message those of us trying to get work done are relaying to our clients. Sigh.

Stylistic (and comfort) pet peeve: it doesn’t feel like “minus 2”; it’s “2 below”. “Minus 2” sounds juvenile.

That breakfast sandwich maker is on Amazon’s gift guide “for the urban farmer”…

What is the most humane way to put a beta fish out of his misery who is clearly on the verge of death? Asking for a friend…

I never know how to respond when a customer service rep asks if my email address is “all lowercase” …. if you want it to be?

I feel like it’s time for my annual “you probably don’t like pumpkin. You like brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg” rant.

Someone wake me up when peak pumpkin has passed.

Really testing my limits in terms of clementine consumption this weekend.

Bring me a Twitter app that unfollows, blocks, and reports for spam anyone participating in a “Twitter chat”. Ever.

Amazing stat from last night’s @WEEI broadcast: Red Sox have seen 1,015 more pitches than any other MLB team this season. Love this team

We can agree that “bespoke” is the most pretentious and obnoxious startup buzzword of the moment, yes?

It’s cute that LinkedIn thought I cared even a little bit about a technical issue preventing company page updates

Praising Oreo as a “brave brand” for a timely but lame ad during the SB blackout seems like setting a very low bar for bravery (and jokes)